Natural Dyes (Red), Zoom Seminar

Tuesday June 29

6:30 PM  –  7:30 PM

The Red Coats are coming! Experiment with a couple of traditional natural dye recipes on wool using cochineal and madder root to create variations of red. This is a beginner level class for adults (or children with adult supervision) who are interested in learning how to use natural ingredients to make a textile dye. 

Here are some things to assist your preparation for the workshop if you would like to follow along with the activity at home: (links are only suggested sources): 

  • rubber/silicone gloves 

  • apron or old clothes 

  • plastic disposable tablecloth 

  • 2 old stainless-steel pots (thrift stores are a great source) NEVER USE FOR FOOD PREP! 

  • Pyrex bowl NEVER USE FOR FOOD PREP! 

  • stove 

  • water source  

  • 1 gallon of distilled water (for cochineal)  

  • old towels for wiping up spills 

  • 1 pint size freezer bag 

  • 1 quart size freezer bag 

  • Rolling pin 

  • TUMS® regular strength, 2 tablets  

  • Cream of tartar 

  • alum powder: