Pizza Baking in Masonary Ovens, Zoom Seminar

This event is no longer on sale.

Tuesday June 8

6:30 PM  –  7:30 PM

Learn how to bake a pizza in a masonry brick oven!

  • This is a beginner level class for adults (or older teens with adult supervision).
  • If you would like to follow along with the activity at home, you will need prepared pizza dough, toppings, a bit of flour, sturdy oven mitts, a large cutting board or peel (to transfer the prepared pizza) and a cold beverage.
  • A list of ingredients for an 18th century German recipe called Zwiwwelkuche is found here: Recipe for Zwiwwelkuche.
  • If you have a ready-made outdoor masonry oven, feel free to make this pizza-like pie during the workshop instead of a modern pizza. However, due to this recipe calling for a cooler oven and a longer bake time, it will not properly cook in the DIY oven. Use your kitchen oven instead. 

Instructions for building your own outdoor masonry oven using one or two large terra-cotta pots, a grate and a pizza stone are found here: Instructions for DIY Oven.

Options for 14-15” pizza stones: Amazon pizza stone or Wayfair pizza stone

Options for terra-cotta pots: Home Depot x-large terra cotta pot or Home Depot large terra cotta pot

If you are considering purchasing a ready-made outdoor masonry oven, here are some options:

Amazon masonry oven or Wayfair rustic pizza oven