Tape Weaving, Zoom Seminar

This event is no longer on sale.

Tuesday August 24

6:30 PM  –  7:30 PM

Woven tape looks pretty, but don’t let its good looks deceive you. Tape made of natural fibers is exceptionally strong and versatile, performing the jobs of duct tape, paracord, edging and more. Join me as I show you how to weave this all-purpose ribbon.

This is a beginner level class for participants who are new to weaving or for those who have had some experience using looms.  

Supply List:

  • If you would like to follow along with the activity at home, you will need thick thread or thin yarn made of natural fiber (cotton, wool, linen), a lap loom, a shuttle and a needle with large eye. 
  • An option for purchasing a ready-made loom and shuttle can be found here: Lap loom and shuttleShuttle  (9” or 10”)  

Directions for do-it-yourself looms and shuttles are found here: Instructions for DIY Loom and Shuttle (Cardboard or Wood).  

If you would like to make the cardboard option, you will need a piece of cardboard measuring approximately 8” X 10”, a utility knife, an awl or nail to punch holes in cardboard, a ruler or measuring tape and extra cardboard for the shuttle (such as a toilet paper tube). 

If you would like to make the wooden option, you will need a wooden 8”X10” picture frame without the glass, 9 zip-ties (need to be at least 12” long and as wide as you can find), 18 screws or nails to attach zip-ties to the frame, an awl or hammer and nail to punch holes in zip-ties, heavy-duty scissors to trim zip-ties, a screwdriver (if using screws), a ruler or measuring tape, and some cardboard (such as a toilet paper tube) for the shuttle. 

Your instructor will discuss how to read pattern charts for tape designs during the workshop. These pattern charts are found here: Pattern Charts for Tape Weaving